Saturday, December 3, 2011

Short hair curls

Hey guys! Remember me? Ya I'm still alive.. I just figured out how to post pictures strait from my iPod!! So now I can Post! Hope you guys are still reading!

So as you can see in the pictures this isn't my sister. My sister doesn't like me to take pictures while I'm doing her hair because she thinks it takes too long. So I borrowed my cute little neighbor :)

So this is one of my favorite hairstyles for short hair and it's super easy!

I started by making two french braids going back on the head but stopping when I reached the end of the part.

Then I had her hold the braids while I curled the back of her hair.

Then I took the braids and secured them together with a small elastic and added the flower!

And your done!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEW POST!!!!!! zig-zag/ Dimond hair how to

Okay so I did a little bit on this do on my "tumbling comp hair" post a while back but I didn't put on instructions. These pictures are from a while back(my sister is still on strike and won't let me do her hair.) and I had forgotten about them until recently but its better late then never!

Step 1
take a small section in the front of your hair and secure it with a small ponytail holder.
Step 2 
Now split the "mini ponytail" that you just made in two equal pieces. Set one to the side and add the other to another small ponytail behind and to the left (or right you chose) of the first one. (see picture)
Step 3
Now do the same thing to the other side
Step 4
Now take a piece of hair from the side that is about the same size as the three you just made put together and secure it with another small ponytail holder.
Step 5
Do the same with the other side
Step 6
okay so this is the tricky part. You now should have 4 mini ponytails. Split each of these in half. You will now create 5 new ponytails with those 4. Start by taking one of the split pieces and put  it in a small ponytale along with half of the ponytail next to it and new hair. Continue doing this until you have 5 and all of the 4 ponytails have been used. (make note that on the side ponytails on each side you will only add 1 of the halves to it because it  doesn't have any ponytails next to it.) I hope that made sense!

Now you can do one of many things.
1. leave it down
2. pull it all back into a ponytail
3.pull the small ponytails all back into another small ponytail leaving the rest of your hair down creating a "half pony" as we call it.
3.Pull it back into some kind of bun (look through my older posts to see what you like and to get "how to's")
4. Be creative! 
For this hairdo we decided to go with the "Jr. Prom hair" (see my older post) to get the princess look. I hope I've made this easy! Have fun with it and be creative the possibility are endless.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey Guys sorry I haven't posted in a really long time! I recorded a bunch of videos but unfortunately my computer can't upload them to the internet for some odd reason. I got a new video camera for Christmas and have tried uploading things and it seems to work so hopefully I can get some new vids soon!!! My little sis is still on strike and won't let me do her hair so I might just have to steel my neighbor or hey we could do my little brothers hair right? So sorry for the long delay and I am hoping to get some new do's soon!!!!!