Monday, May 24, 2010

Flat Irons

I have had requests to do a post on flat Irons so here it goes. OK so Flat Irons, I think they are the most wonderful invention after the trampoline. I use mine almost every day, either on my hair or one of my sisters hair. My mom told me about how they used to use the cloths iron to straiten their hair I think that sounds ridiculously hard and it probably wouldn't turn out as well as if you use a flat Iron. I have a CHI which is a generaly nice flat iron. Flat Iron prices run from around 30 dollars for a cheaper iron to over 100 dollars for a really nice one. What iron you get depends on how well your hair holds curl. If your hair doesn't hold curl very well I recommend a more expensive Iron.(But price doesn't always mean better so make sure you know what you are buying) You can flip hair with a flat iron and you can also curl hair with a flat iron. I think its easier to curl with than a curling iron. Here are some ways you can use your flat Iron. For this post I am just going to use pictures I already have so that's why they are all different and of me instead of my sister.

straiten hair.

Smooth our hair and get rid of that crease from yesterdays ponytail or the funny curl you got from swimming. Its easy and fast and depending on your hair can stay strait for up to a couple days. (if you don't wash it. I only recommend this if you don't get greasy hair [Mostly little kids] if it gets greasy wash it.)

Flip hair.

You can flip hair out or in. either way looks cute on short or long hair. Last year I cut my hair short and flipping it out was one of my favorite things to do to my hair. (the first picture) I also flipped it in (the second picture[could have used more on the right side]) This is how you would get a look like Abagail Breslin in "Kit Kitrege an American Girl"(the third picture) both are done generally the same way; take a piece of hair and straiten it like normal then when you get to the end turn your flat iron either towards you or away from you to create a curl at the ends.

Curl hair

In this picture we all have our hair curled with the flat iron. (mine is pulled pack so its hard to tell its curled) we learned how to do this at a hair place where the lady taught us how to do it then we practiced on each other. All you do is take a piece of hair pinch it near the root with the flat iron. Turn flat iron 1/2 or 1 time away from or towards you. wrap hair piece with it. then pull down on the flat iron until the entire piece is curled. this look is cute on long or short hair. Ill do a nother post on this because it is a hairdo all by itself. and its hard to explain without pictures.

tini tiny braids

This is a secret I learned from my friends sister. All you do is braid a small piece of hair then spray it with a generous amount of hairspray. (if you want you can add fine glitter which adds a cool affect, it can be purchased at any craft store or Clair's usually has some. To do this braid and flat iron hair as told in instructions then pinch a small amount of glitter and rub it onto braid, to ensure it stayes hairspray it or add gel. ) Then you just run it over with the flat iron and it should stay. Sorry I don't have any pictures of this but It looks really cute!


if you have extremely thin hair don't hold flat iron on hair to long or it can burn your hair. Don't avoid using flat irons they can still be used on your hair, just be care full.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cinderella hair

1. Put hair in ponytail.

2. fold end of ponytail up around a ribbon. secure with small rubber band.

3. Roll hair up.

4. Tie the ribbon in a bow.

5. secure with bobby pins.

6. spray with hairspray. And your done!

My sister always wants to be a princess so this is one of her favorite hairdos. I like it because its so fast. Hair Brush

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sinched braid

1.braid a small section of hair.

2. pinch two strands with your thumb and pointer finger, while holding the other strand with your other hand.
3. Push up the two strands to your scalp.

4. gently pull strands down.

5. Secure with rubber

I like to do this into ponytails or side messy buns. I love how simple it is and how people can't figure out how you did it. So have fun with it! When I did this neither of my sisters where home so thats why its on an American Girl doll.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jr. Prom hair

1.Put hair into ponytail.

2.Put another ponytail holder in hair but don't pull hair through all of the way.

3.Piece by piece twist pieces of hair and pin them with bobby pin until all of your hair is pinned. (the messier the better!)

4.Spray and pin fly aways.

5.Optional: add flower or bow.

At my house we call this "Jr. Prom Hair" or "Messy bun". Its an easy hairdo that's great if you have creases in your hair and don't have time to straighting it. Its fast and easy and great for all occasions; school, soccer, church, ect. I where this hairdo to Tumbling competitions sometimes because it stays in really well. enjoy!

P.S. Sorry it took so long for me to post, we wanted to do video but for some reason my computer wouldn't load them. So I'll keep trying but for now we have to use pictures. Sorry!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hey guys! I get stopped all the time at school, at the mall, and every where I go and I always hear the same question "how did you do your hair?" So I decided I would make a blog (with the help of my mom) to make it easier to explain how to do my hairdos. My two little sisters have kindly volunteered to be my models. So I hope you enjoy!